Prof. Satoru WATANO
Dean, Graduate School of Engineering


In the spring of 2020, unprecedented crisis of a new coronavirus (COVID-19) struck the world. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, economy as well as education and people’s daily life suffered serious damages. In the world of “post-corona”, structures of society, economy and education are expected to be changed significantly. Engineering plays a significant role in construction of a new society which ensures the people’s safety by utilizing a digital transformation technology (DX) even in the event of any disaster or crisis. It is important to develop a new technology to detect viruses and prevent infection through collaborations with medical and pharmaceutical areas. Creation of anti-virus materials, development of information and communication technologies, utilization of remote robots to avoid infection from virus and preparation of infrastructure for remote society are also the important missions of engineering. In addition, serious global problems such as environmental destruction, global warming, resource depletion, population surge and food shortage have not been solved yet. New engineering should create new theories and technologies to realize the sustainable society.

In the Graduate School of Engineering, composed of 6 divisions and 10 departments, over 200 faculty members and approximately 900 graduate students are enrolled and they are carrying out wide and cross-functional cutting-edge research. Through the enriched various educational programs, we are fostering outstanding engineers and researchers, who have sufficient capability to develop the sustainable society with a broad perspective, advanced expertise, rich humanity and high ethical standards. We believe that our graduate school of engineering is the prominent leader of Osaka Prefecture University whose philosophy is to be the advanced research-oriented university which serves as regional center of reliability with global aspiration. We continue to lead advanced and frontier researches and promote industry-academia-government collaboration by raising our slogan, TECHNOVATION, combining “Technology” and “Innovation”. We look forward to highly motivated new students full of intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm.