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“The wisdom of mankind generated through creative activities that connect the ocean to people”

Marine system engineering is a discipline that explores the relations between the ocean, an element of the earth system, and human and social activities in the ocean. Students in the Department of Marine System Engineering study technology to conserve the abundant and beautiful ocean, to maintain safe and highly efficient marine transport systems in the vast marine space, and systems to use abundant energy and other resources in a sustainable and developmental way.

 “The earth is the planet of water; the ocean seeks to coexist with humans.
Let’s create a system for the future.”

The earth is the planet of water. Humankind has enjoyed abundant gifts from the ocean, the source of water, throughout our history. We have to consider how human activities can coexist with the ocean, while protecting the marine environment, in order to keep using its resources in a sustainable and effective way.

Based on this idea, the Department of Marine System Engineering covers research areas with a focus on artificial systems, consisting of “marine transportation engineering,” which aims to improve marine logistics means, such as marine vessels; “marine space utilization,” which explores new usage of marine space, such as offshore airports; “marine resources development,” which explores sustainable use of marine resources and natural energy; “marine environmental engineering,” which aims to conserve and restore the marine environment; and “marine system planning,” which explores how human activities using the ocean should be based on all the aforementioned disciplines in an integrated way. Courses offered by the department are designed to promote the development of specific methodologies through basic theories, experiments, practical training and field measurements related to system sciences, considering the aspect of coexistence between nature and technology.

The primary objective of marine system engineering is to achieve coexistence and harmony between human activities based on engineering that has been developed by mankind, and the ocean as nature. To fulfil this objective, it is necessary to understand the ocean in the earth system from manifold perspectives, create an integrated system of nature and technology, and develop new engineering technology used in the ocean.

The ocean has been used for transportation routes since ancient times. Specific technical issues we are currently addressing include the creation of safe and efficient marine transportation systems by means of marine vessels and other forms of transportation; the creation of systems to effectively use the ocean, a treasure house of food supply and mineral resources; and the development of systems to use the vast space of the ocean. Marine system engineering aims to develop cutting-edge engineering technology, which is not only friendly to nature but also effective in achieving sustainable development based on coexistence and harmony with nature.


Component analysis of marine biomass by high-performance liquid chromatography


Motion measurement experiment in waves in a ship experiment tank


Deformation test using a welding robot


Measurement of welding deformation and temperature

Academic Staff

Research Group Staff
Arai Laboratory Rei Arai [Associate Professor]
Arima Laboratory Masakazu Arima [Professor]
Baba Laboratory Nobuhiro Baba [Professor]
Hashimoto Laboratory Hirotada Hashimoto[Professor]
Ikushima Laboratory Kazuki Ikushima [Associate Professor]
Katayama Laboratory Toru Katayama [Professor]
Nakatani Laboratory Naoki Nakatani [Professor]                        Jialin Han [Assistant Professor]
Nihei Laboratory Yasunori Nihei [Associate Professor]
Shibahara Laboratory Masakazu Shibahara [Associate Professor]
Tsubogo Laboratory Takashi Tsubogo [Associate Professor]