Electrical and Information Systems

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“Become a specialist who plays a leading role in developing next-generation electrical and information technology that will make our daily lives more comfortable”

Education and research in the department focus on fields that enable us to create next-generation, innovative technology that is essential for ensuring comfortable daily lives now and in the future, including energy systems and eco-friendly cars compatible with the natural and social environment, robots that move as smoothly as human beings, next-generation networks and multimedia application systems integrated with optical and wireless technologies, which will provide us with instant access to all sorts of information whenever and wherever we want it, and effective production systems.

“Efforts focused on research and development of technologies beneficial to society, such as automobiles, robots, energy systems, communication networks, and optimization of production systems.”

The department mainly focuses on the following research areas:

  • Research on minimization, optimization and performance improvement of not only motors for general use, which account for more than 50% of the domestic electricity consumption, but also motors for driving fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) and other next-generation electric vehicles and those for moving robots and equipment for nursing care and rehabilitation
  • Research primarily on optimization of the operation and control of electric systems and also on methods to address issues faced by electric systems in the future, such as the liberalization of the electric power market and mass introduction of natural energy sources, from the perspectives of both suppliers and users
  • Development of methods to control complex and large-scale systems to behave and function as desired, such as wind power generation systems, a group of robots programmed to perform cooperative work, arrhythmia of the heart, battery groups for suppressing peak power, by making full use of cutting-edge theories on control and complex systems
  • Research on the development of novel optical communication equipment and devices, and communication networks using them, for improving the efficiency and function of optical communication networks
  • Research on optical sensing devices and their applications for adding novel functions to networks
  • Research on innovative optical fiber cable technology, including a communication system to expand the transmission capacity of optical fibers that are approaching their useful limit due to a nonlinear phenomenon, fiber fuse and other reasons
  • Research on fundamental communication technology for next-generation large-capacity wireless networks, focusing on environment-friendly and resource-saving green information technology corresponding to the rapid increase of mobile data traffic, in particular, wireless communication systems with high spectral efficiency and low power consumption
  • Development of production management systems using advanced system optimization techniques to design, plan and operate various production systems to efficiently produce high-quality products and services in an optimal manner



Experiment on electric vehicles


Experiment on an inverted robot, development of production-inventory systems


Experiment on optical communication/wireless communication


Experiment on photovoltaic power generation

Academic Staff

Research Group Staff
Motor Drive System Research Group Shigeo Morimoto [Professor]
Masayuki Sanada [Associate Professor]
Yukinori Inoue [Associate Professor]
Power System Research Group Atsushi Ishigame [Professor]
Yoshihiko Susuki [Associate Professor]

Satoshi Takayama [Lecturer]
Electrical Control Systems Research Group Keiji Konishi [Professor]
Naoyuki Hara [Associate Professor]
Management Systems Research Group Kazuko Morizawa [Professor]
Etsuko Kusukawa [Associate Professor]
Photonic Innovative Systems Research Group Makoto Yamada [Professor]
Osanori Koyama [Associate Professor]
Kanami Ikeda [Assistant Professor]
Microwave and Lightwave Systems Research Group Hirokazu Kubota [Professor]
Yuji Miyoshi [Associate Professor]
Smart Information and Communication Systems Research Group Hai Lin [Professor]                                        Yihan Chiang[Assistant Professor]