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Explore the world of nanoscience with “Physics and Electronics”, which offers unbeatable potential.

“Electronics” has been developed on the basis of “Physics,” and serves as the fundamental technology to support the wide range of daily lives and society infrastructures.

“Physics and Electronics” is a multidisciplinary field for serving infinite potential to create innovative ideas. The Department of Physics and Electronics provides not only the basic sciences but also highly advanced education to cultivate competent specialists for conducting cutting-edge research in a global age in unexplored fields related to nanotechnology and nanoscience. Human resources developed by us have a wide range of basic and application knowledge, and can play a leading role in local and global communities.



“Study of electronic phenomena on materials to create new electronics, and development of professionals who can play a leadership role in the international community.”

“Physics and Electronics” is a multidisciplinary field that studies the fundamental principles behind electronic properties on materials and aims at pioneering new electronics applications on the basis of fundamental physics. This will be significantly important for us to become an innovation-oriented university in a global age.

Students of this department comprehensively learn not only fundamental physics, such as dynamics, statistical physics, electrodynamics, and quantum mechanics; but also applied physics, such as magnetism, superconductivity, quantum optics, semiconductor physics, nanosciences, nanotechnology, and spintronics. The curriculum also includes basic theories of electronics such as electronic circuits, information theories, and communication engineering after learning the various physics subjects. The department also offers the several subjects on exercises and student experiments to ensure such that students are able to acquire the necessary academic abilities.

Our department consists of the following ten groups: (1) “Quantum Physics of Condensed Matter” studying quantum mechanical phenomena at low-temperatures and high magnetic fields;  (2) “Nano-Optical Physics of Material” studying nano-optical functional design; (3) “Physics of Organic Semiconductors” studying optical and electronic properties of soft materials; (4) “Nanodevice Research” studying devices using nanomaterials and nanotechnology; (5) “Semiconductor Processing” studying nanoprocesses in manufacturing electronic devices; (6) “Physics of Optical Devices” studying biomedical optics and laser application; (7) “Physics of Novel Devices” studying electronic devices using substances with innovative functions; (8) “Spintronics” studying spin electronics; and (9) “Silicon Photonics” studying silicon laser and photonic crystals; and (10) “Surface/Interface Science” studying surface and interfacial phenomena using electronic devices. Each group is engaged in research and development in a specialized field and is offered with programs designed to develop specialists who are highly competent in rapidly developing fields of science and technology.


Developing novel superconducting detectors using a helium refrigerator


Experiment to characterize a photonic crystal device 


High-power laser to grow a thin film in a vacuum chamber


Development of highly efficient organic light-emitting devices fabricated by printing

Academic Staff

Research Group Staff
Quantum physics of condensed matter group Takekazu Ishida [Professor]
Hiroaki Shishido [Associate Professor]
Nano-optical physics of material group Hajime Ishihara [Professor]
Yong-Gu Shim [Associate Professor]
Nobuhiko Yokoshi [Assistant Professor]
Physics of organic semiconductors group Hiroyoshi Naito [Professor]
Takashi Kobayashi [Associate Professor]
Takashi Nagase [Associate Professor]
Nanodevice research group Seiji Akita [Professor]
Takayuki Arie [Associate Professor]
Kuniharu Takei [Associate Professor]
Semiconductor processing group Yoshihiko Hirai [Professor]
Hiroaki Kawata [Professor]
Masaaki Yasuda [Associate Professor]
Quantum and optical device engineering group Kenji Wada [Associate Professor]
Tetsuya Matsuyama [Assistant Professor]
Physics of novel device group Norifumi Fujimura [Professor]
Atsushi Ashida [Professor]
Takeshi Yoshimura [Associate Professor]
Daisuke Kiriya [Assistant Professor]
Spin physics group Yoshihiko Togawa [Associate Professor]
Silicon photonics group Yasushi Takahashi  [Associate Professor]
Surface/Interface science group Ryo Nouchi [Associate Professor]