Materials Science and Engineering

Exploring microscopic sciences and connecting the invisible world to society by exciting technology

Without a doubt, materials support our modern society, from automobiles, airplanes, computers, medicines, nanomaterials,  to living matter.

The Division of Materials Science and Engineering covers a wide range of material groups, such as organic compounds, ceramics, semiconductors and metals, etc. Students study the sciences of various materials at the micro and nano scales, from analysis of structures at the molecular and atomic levels to evaluation of the materials’ electrical, optical, chemical, and mechanical properties and functions. It is a thrilling exploration of worlds invisible to the naked eye.

In the graduate school course, basic materials science covered at the undergraduate level is brought to a global cutting-edge level so that students can take their first steps as researchers, by taking part in international conferences to exchange opinions.

The aim of this Division is to develop researchers and engineers with deep understanding of their specialized field as well as basic knowledge of a wide range of materials and chemicals, and enable them to generate benefits for humankind.