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“The field of mechanical engineering expands infinitely,
from micromachinery to plant factories.”

Mechanical engineering covers an infinite range of systems and services to facilitate mobility and support society, including micromachinery, personal mobility, rehabilitation robots, next-generation vehicles, fuel cells and other new energy systems, environmental protection systems, and plant factories.

The objective of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to develop highly skilled engineers and researchers who can design and develop cutting-edge mechanical systems through experiments using advanced research facilities and research activities, such as analysis using high-performance computers.


The engine image was offered from the official homepage of Toyota Motor Corporation.

“Improve capabilities of mono-zukuri (making of material objects) to state of the art levels to achieve a safer and more secure society”

The aim of the department is to achieve a safer and more secure society through research and development with emphasis on mono-zukuri that is both people- and environment-friendly, such as manufacturing of micromachinery, personal mobility, rehabilitation robots, next-generation vehicles, fuel cells, low-emission engines, environmental protection systems, and plant factories.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers courses designed to help students systematically acquire engineering knowledge of the life cycles of various kinds of machines from design, development, manufacturing, and use, through to recycling and disposal.


“Aspiration for mono-zukuri that is friendly both in terms of people and the environment supports the achievement of a sustainable society.”

Both designing and manufacturing of state-of-the-art mechanical systems require an abundance of knowledge and experience. It is necessary to meet requirements such as their being unbreakable, lightweight, energy-saving, and friendly both to people and the environment.

To fulfill these requirements, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is organized into the following four groups to provide advanced education and conduct cutting-edge research and development: Fundamental Mechanical Engineering dealing with materials, strength, production methods, and other related issues of machinery; Intelligent Mechanical Systems dealing with dynamics, control, measurement and other related issues of machinery necessary to improve the performance and intelligence of machinery; Thermo- and Fluid- Dynamics and Power Engineering dealing with various kinds of energy machines, fluid machines and engines; and Energy and Environmental Engineering dealing with large-scale energy supply systems and environmental systems. Students each join one of these four groups to learn basic theories to design and manufacture cutting-edge mechanical systems.

They are also given opportunities to perform experiments using advanced research facilities and analyses using high performance computers, through which they learn specific processes and methods of mechanical engineering.
Graduates who have completed these education programs are playing important roles in designing and developing cutting-edge mechanical systems as employees of major mechanical engineering-related companies in the fields of automobiles, electrical machinery, heavy industry and others.


Experimental personal mobility vehicle


Experiment at a robotic plant factory


Multidimensional laser measurement of fuel cell internal flows


CO2 reduction experiment using a combination of non-thermal plasma flow and adsorbent

Academic Staff

Research Group Staff
Mechanics of Materials group Kouji Mimura [Professor]
Tsutomu Umeda [Associate Professor]
Isamu Riku [Associate Professor]
Applied Mechanics and Designgroup  Masayuki Ishihara [Professor]
Bioproduction and Manufacturing Systems Engineering group Hirokazu Fukuda [Professor]
Measurement Engineering group Hisao Kikuta [Professor]
Akio Mizutani [Lecturer]
Systems and Control group Tomoaki Kobayashi [Lecturer]
Mechanical Dynamics group Atsuhiko Shintani [Professor]
Chihiro Nakagawa [Associate Professor]
Heat Transfer group Kazuhiko Suga [Professor]
Masayuki Kaneda [Associate Professor]
Yusuke Kuwata [Associate Professor]
Engine and Combustion Engineering group Daisuke Segawa [Professor]
Hidefumi Kataoka [Lecturer]
Fluid Mechanics group Hiroyuki Takahira [Professor]                 Toshiyuki Ogasawara [Associate Professor]
Tomoya Nakajima [Lecturer] 
Energy Systems Analysis group Ryohei Yokoyama [Professor]
Tetsuya Wakui [Associate Professor]
Thermal Environment Systems group Shinichi Kinoshita [Professor]
Ryusuke Yasuda [Assistant Professor]
Environmental Protection Engineering group Masaaki Okubo [Professor]
Tomoyuki Kuroki [Associate Professor]
Haruhiko Yamasaki [Assistant Professor]