Quantum and Radiation Engineering

Quantum radiations support our daily life.
The forum for advanced technology and research is now opened.

Quantum and radiation engineering, the foundation of nuclear engineering, is an interdisciplinary field where advanced sciences and technology are integrated. Covering the broad applicable areas of quantum beams and radiations that support today’s industry, medicine and nuclear energy, the field contributes to the development of a sustainable society and creation of a safety-based culture.

In the Division of Quantum and Radiation Engineering, students explore the elementary processes of interactions between quantum radiations and materials and conduct practical studies and research using relevant facilities. Students can also experience cutting-edge technologies and learn their application, thereby acquiring necessary research and development abilities.

Because quantum and radiation engineering is related broadly to society, it is crucial to establish a safety culture. The aim of this Division, therefore, is to develop engineers and researchers who are able to contribute to society with a high ethical sense and personality